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Breathe Easy at Summer Camp with a Boost of Oxygen

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Breathe Deep, Camp Folks!

The cabin is empty except for one, lone camper sitting on their camp bunk, a frown beginning to form on their face, their gaze growing more distant by the second. Thoughts of home are flooding in and a pang of homesickness settles deep within their heart. Going into their camp trunk, however, they find their Boost Oxygen canister. A quick puff—their lungs fill with 95% pure oxygen—and, within seconds, the camper's nerves settle back down and their mind stops reeling. Everything's going to be just fine!
When you need a breath of fresh air...Boost Oxygen is there!

This summer, Everything Summer Camp is thrilled to introduce Boost Oxygen, a brand dedicated to providing natural respiratory support with their line of portable oxygen canisters. This exciting new addition is perfect for campers struggling with homesick feelings or participating in high-energy activities. It will help them maintain optimal oxygen levels and enjoy every camp adventure to the fullest!

Boost Oxygen BALANCE

Available in a refreshing Pink Grapefruit scent, this canister is offered in three sizes to suit every need—the 3 Liter Pocket Size for short excursions, the 5 Liter Medium for daily activities, and the 10 Liter Large for those extended adventures. Each canister comes with a user-friendly mouthpiece, making it easy for campers to get a boost of clean, safe oxygen.

Boost Oxygen SPORT

Designed specifically for those involved in sports and physical activities, SPORT Portable Oxygen is infused with an organic orange aroma. The SPORT oxygen not only supports performance but also aids in recovery, ensuring your camper continually performs at their best.

Boost Oxygen REVIVE

This option is perfect for a quick mental and physical uplift during those packed camp days, bringing an invigorating twist with its aromatherapeutic Peppermint scent. Available in sizes ranging from the handy 3 Liter to the substantial 10 Liter.

Everything Summer Camp is excited to offer these innovative products to help your camper breathe a little easier and push their limits in the safe and supportive environment of summer camp. Whether it's conquering homesick feelings, reaching new heights, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, Boost Oxygen is here to enhance the camp experience. Explore our selection and find the perfect match to keep your camper energized and ready for all the fun and challenges that camp life brings!


- John

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