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Braelyn W. Goes Camping Too

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Hey, Camp Fans!

With  response as large as we got to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp, we’re still publishing each submission here on the Blog! Your stories are fantastic and it’s been such a fun time reading through them! Here’s another one to enjoy right now!

Today’s post comes from Braelyn W. who wrote in to tell us about his really fun camp stay at Pine Cove Towers Camp. Get a look at today’s submission from Braelyn himself: Get a look at this camper submission.

For camp this summer, I went to Pine Cove Towers for a whole week! It is in Tyler, Texas. It took us about two hours to get there. The reason Pine Cove is the best camp ever is because the counselors get to teach you about God and Jesus our Savior. It is cool, awesome, and exciting; because you get to do all different activities and have different theme nights (One of our theme nights was Pitch Black Attack)! You also get quiet time – called FOB (Flat On Back) and mail from your parents.

Monday was my favorite day and it was a really fun! My friends and I jumped on the blob and flew up and down! (The blob is a giant inner tube that you jump on in the water.) Sometimes if three people made it on the Blob without flying off, we would have a blob war! A blob war is when you try to push your friends into the water – but the funny thing is – if you push someone, you fall in too! After the blob, we got to do fishing and I caught 4 fish! My sister, Jewel, caught a fish first! When a fish tugged and tugged on my pole, I felt proud when I saw it come out of the water! After fishing, we did B-B guns. Then we did Tea Time at the Rock. The Rock is where we eat and we also do theme nights there. At Tea time we danced and had a talent show, and we were able to make bracelets and drink juice and had cookies, it was really fun! Finally we went to the Hydroplane. The Hydroplane is a giant waterslide that goes into the pool. It is really fast! You go so fast you feel like you are going to hit the blob!

Everyone should go to Towers! It is for first through fifth grade, and it is Amazing!!!

Braelyn, your time at camp sounds like it was an absolute blast! The blob must have been a really fun time along with a number of other water activities. Congratulations to Jewel on her first fish! I’m guessing water activities are your number one favorite thing to do at camp since Monday was the best day for you! Pine Cove Towers sounds like a really great place—thanks for sharing, Braelyn. If anyone else is interested in Pine Cove Camp for their next summer adventure, be sure to check them out some time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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