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Hey, Camp People!

One of the essential summer camp activities that almost everybody tries their hand at is Archery! I discussed this camp activity in a Blog post from the previous year. Today, let’s explore the nation’s leading Archer—Brady Ellison. Brady competes in World Champion titles including the Olympics. He started with his compound bow when he was just 14 at a local and State circuits in which he won multiple competitions.Learn about Brady Ellison on today's Blog post about him from Everything Summer Camp!

When he was about 16, Brady attended a Gold camp in the summer for youth archers at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. It was there, that a seemingly unfortunate incident led to a revolutionary change in Brady’s Archery endeavors.

As usual, Brady was using his compound bow when his string suddenly broke. In order to continue his round, he picked up a buddy’s recurve bow and shot that. Almost, instantly, Brady fell in love with the feel of the recurve bow and pretty much never set it down since. Now one of the top recurve shooters in the world, Brady hasn’t looked back since.  

By the time he was 18, Brady became a Resident Athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. And, despite his initial prospects for the 2012 London Olympic Games with the compound bow, Brady was content knowing that he had found his true love with the recurve bow. He set new goals under the recurve bow competitions and made massive achievements in that instead!

He set his sights on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and met that goal in May of 2008 finishing the Olympic Trials in first place! Since this awesome triumph, Brady continues to make Olympic teams and shoot for most World Cup events. He has held one of the longest runs as the world leader in Archery and maintained his World Rank in the top ten for the last decade!

Married to Toja Cierne (now Toja Ellison), a Slovenian Archer herself, Brady Ellison sure has shaped his love for the art of Archery all around in his life! How much do you love Archery? Look into Brady Ellison’s life a little more by clicking here and, as always thanks for reading!


- John


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