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Boys Will be Boy Scouts

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Hey, Scout Fans!

Today is National Boy Scouts Day! This organization has become one of America’s largest and most well-known organizations to focus on the development of our youth. We’ve looked into the Boy Scouts’ history and learned how this organization came to be a household name in America! To learn more about the past of this famous institution, click here to check out a previous post.

Here are some interesting tidbits about the Scouts:Scouts' Honor!

Norman’s Honor

For any of you youngsters who don’t know who this classic American artist is, Norman Rockwell is responsible for capturing so many slice of life moments of vintage America. A former Boy Scout himself, Norman offered his services for free to illustrate the annual Brown and Bigelow Boy Scout calendar, which he did each year from 1925 to 1976 (aside from missing a couple years).

Scout Money

In the second decade of the 20th Century, the Boy Scouts of America became the largest uniformed body across the nation. One thing that helped their rapid expansion is that they worked in partnership with the Treasury Department throughout World War I and, together, they secured approximately $352,122,973 in Liberty Bond subscriptions!

Joseph Lane’s Publication

In 1911, a former Boy Scout named Joseph Lane turned 18—the same year he published his very own Boys’ Life Magazine! One year later, the Boy Scouts ended up buying the magazine from Joseph for $6,100, the equivalent of a dollar per subscription that he had. Now Boys’ Life Magazine is distributed to roughly 1.1 million Scouts every month!

From all of us here at Everything Summer Camp, we send a proud salute to all of you Scouts out there—current and former—today on National Boy Scouts Day! Keep leading by the best of examples and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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