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Black Friday Means DEALS!!!

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Hey Holiday Shoppers!

Today is officially Black Friday, but we’ve had our discounts in effect for three days already! These incredible sales not only started early, but they’re stretching past the weekend and through Cyber Monday as well! But don’t dally! Get the gear while the gettin’s amazingly good! These sales are so nice you’re jaw will drop at the discounted price of so many of our quality camping gear products!  

Upon seeing some our sale prices, you may assume that there must be some mistake. But fear not! Those aren’t typos! The sale is really just that good! Catch this nice breakdown on some of our best deals in case you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the ways that you can save!


Pay a close attention to our C&N Camp Trunks. There are a number of different sales going on for our different types of trunks. You can get Solid Color Trunks for $30 off and $20 off on our Create-Your-Own Footlockers as well as Designer Trunks. Going for just under $90, check out the Mermaid Trunk specifically for the best deal among our footlockers! To sweeten our trunk deals, you’ll find select products in our Trunk Accessories at a discount of 20% too!


From Clothing Stamps to Stick On Labels, you can find these products at 20% off in our Name Labels section! And our Laundry Bags at 20% off too! Some are even better! Our Buckhead Betties Laundry Bags have dropped from $14.99 to $3.99. Our ESC Deluxe Laundry Bags have gone all the way from $24.99 to $4.99!


Our new Personalized Blankets come with your name embroidered on it and we’re unleashing this sure-to-be hot product at 10% off!


great deals on things such as laundry bags, floor mats, name labels, blankets (no need to be specific on pricing)


If you’re unsure what to get your camper, you can always buy a card and let the camper go through the gear they want to get!

Enjoy the shopping experience with all these great prices and be sure to act while supplies last! This sale stops at midnight next Tuesday. Don’t let it end before you’ve taken advantage. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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