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Black Friday Come Early

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Hey, Excited Shoppers!

The shopping event of the year that has crept into hours so early they don’t even wait for Friday to start, Black Friday is waiting for you right after your Thanksgiving feast! But, despite how Black Friday hours start earlier and earlier every year, we’re just too excited to wait until the end of the week here at Everything Summer Camp!

That’s why you can find discounts on our website starting tomorrow! From November 22 through to the 29—Tuesday of next week—our Black Friday sales will be in effect! We’ll have over 200 items on sale between 10% and 50% off throughout this monstrous sale. Let’s run down what that means:

First of all…
It means you’ll find sales all throughout our website. For instance, prices on katie plaxour trunk accessories are dropping—our exciting Trunk Name Plax have dropped more than seven bucks!  We also have discounts in our sleeping bags department for our quality Wenzel brand bags, the Wenzel Moose and the Lakeside 40°. We have lowered prices on a JanSport backpack and activity books, as well as plushy pillows and wool blankets.

Nothing like a good ol' camp trunk for your camper's summer camp stay!Second…
You can also find of our Traditional Steel C&N Camp Trunks on sale—$25 off throughout the week and, of course, offering free shipping on each one that you order. This sale applies to our Happy Camper, our UnderGrad, and our Graduate footlocker trunks.

Third (and definitely most exciting)…Place an order with us for a chance to win a free Sony Playstation VR Launch Bundle!
For each order that gets placed during this sales week, our customers will have a chance to win a Sony Playstation VR! Are you a virtual fan? We’re offering the launch bundle which comes with everything you’ll need to escape to a virtual reality (aside from the PS4 console).

Enjoy the savings and keep your fingers crossed that the Playstation VR is yours! As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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