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Bet You Didn’t Know How Many Choices You Would Have For A Laundry Bag!

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Hello, Summer Lovers!

Yesterday, I talked about how a C&N Footlocker from Everything Summer Camp isn’t just a trunk for summer camp. Our trunks are a treasure for the rest of your life! It becomes a very practical piece of bedroom furniture as well as one extremely valuable box to be the owner of when college-time rolls around.

Today I want to tell you about another product found at Everything Summer Camp that will prove to be extremely handy in your time at college: laundry bags! Laundry bags are essential to a clean dorm room and clean college student! When your bag is empty it doesn’t take up any space in the close quarters of college.

You can find a bunch of cool laundry bags at Everything Summer Camp; we carry a variety of fabrics, styles, and brand names. First there’s the classy laundry bag for camp clothes—Mint, then the fun Bliss brand laundry bag, we carry Nylon laundry bags of different colors and patterns, we have cool Thread Art Fashion laundry bags, and a basic Mesh laundry bag.

Mint and Bliss brand laundry bags are very stylish and very cool with fun colors and complimentary patterns. One thing to keep in mind when using these bags is that your clothes won’t dry as quickly inside these nylon and polyester bags as they would in one of our Mesh bags.

Our Nylon and Thread Art Fashion laundry bags too make for very cool, very fun designs for your laundry bag. The colors are cool and the patterns fun. Stitched with detail, these bags are top choices for laundry bags for your camp clothing. But again, keep in mind that with the fun pattern and styles, you are sacrificing dryability and breathability for your clothing.

If all you want from a laundry bag is a simple means of transit for your laundry, our Mesh laundry bag is the one for you. It may not have any cool patterns or fun colors, but it’ll get your clothes dry quicker and do the job just the same.

Till next time, Camp Fans!


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