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Hey, Holiday Shoppers!

So much effort goes into gift-giving this time of year; when the time finally comes for your loved ones to open their gifts from you, you want that moment to be perfect. Unfortunately, when you order online, this moment’s perfection depends on more than just the role that you play, but the role played by the company from which you ordered as well.

We, here at Everything Summer Camp, understand the importance of gift-giving and want The holiday map clears up all confusion of when you need to order. to help make sure that your gifting goes just the way you want it to this year. We know there’s nothing more irritating than making sure that you’ve placed your online order well-enough in advance and not receiving it until after it’s too late!

Make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. Order from Everything Summer Camp!

To ensure that there is no confusion, I’d like to guide your attention to the handy-dandy holiday map that we refer to this time of year. Thanks to this little, color-coded map, there won’t be any confusion about how early you need to place your order at Everything Summer Camp to receive your items by the time you need them.

While delivery times will certainly vary based on where you live in the country, we like the old adage, ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’. That’s why I’m giving you the magic numbers of 1:00pm CST on December 17. That’s the date that everybody in the contiguous United States can use for guaranteed delivery by December 24.

December 17 may be early for some of you. Everything Summer Camp is based in northwestern Wisconsin, so if you live in Wisconsin, most parts of Minnesota, or other neighboring areas, you can get away with placing your order as late as 1:00pm CST on December 21.

Happy holidays, Everyone. Thanks for reading!


- John

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