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Be Ready For Those April Showers

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Hey, Spring-Timers!

As we make our way around the sun, our part of the planet starts meeting that blinding bright ball a little more head-on each day resulting in longer days and warmer weather. In turn, the leftover snow from winter starts to disappear—well, almost disappear…Okay, so it’s not like it’s magic or anything. We all know what happens to snow after it gets a little warmer outside—it turns into water!

So here’s the point. Spring weather may inspire a good cleaning indoors, but really, there’s nothing CLEAN about this season at all. What a wet, sloppy, muddy mess! Now that we’ve ventured a good two weeks into our 2014 spring season we are witnessing the slow retreat of this past winter unfolding before our eyes, and—BOY—is it wet!

On top of all this melting snow, typical April will bring lots of showers as well. Be prepared with all the rain gear you need at Everything Summer Camp. We have jackets, pants, suits, and boots all back in stock!

Columbia wet reflect jacket Currently, there are eight rain jackets in our Columbia collection, the Chromatech Youth Jacket, the Girl’s Wet Reflect, the Wind Racer II for girls, the Women’s Arcadia Rain Jacket, the Men’s Watertight, the Splash Maker in youth sizes, the Girl’s TechniKolor jacket, and Boy’s Trail Patroller Hybrid. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t be out and about!

If all you need is a good pair of rain pants, we have the Regen Rain Pant for Men from Columbia.

You can also find the Thrunderlight and Jakuta rain jackets from Red Ledge as well as the Red Ledge Rainstopper Rainsuit. Hood included, this youth-sized rainsuit will cover you completely aside from your hands, your feet, and your face; or stay dry with the classic vinyl poncho (available in youth sizes).

When keeping your feet dry, you can’t go wrong with Washington Shoe’s ‘fire chief style’ boots. They’re made from 100% waterproof, natural rubber. Or you can do your splashin’ in cool and sturdy Kamik rainboots. Both are great choices!

So make sure you keep dry this spring so that April showers bring May flowers for you and not a common cold. Happy Spring, everyone!


- John
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