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Be Honest-Especially Today

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Hey, Truth-Tellers!

National Honesty Day is tomorrow and that’s the truth. It’s a day in which everybody is expected to be truthful in everything they say and do. Everyone is expected to answer any question that they are asked with complete honesty. It’s one day out of the year when everyone is supposed to make honesty their highest policy.

This day hasn’t been around for a very long time (relatively speaking). It’s been around for a little over twenty years. It was a day invented by a man known as M. Hirsh Goldberg. His purpose behind the day was to give a little more balance to the month of April.

Since the first of the month, April Fools, encourages pranking and falsehoods, he thought maybe the last day of the month can be about honesty—something a little less immoral.honesty day photo

Telling the truth is important (especially on National Honesty Day, but really just all the time). The things you say and do reflect who you are as a person and how everybody else sees you. That’s why honesty means so much to people. When you tell the truth, you reflect the things that have actually happened and people see that in you.

Remaining an honest person feels good too because there isn’t any added weight of something else constantly on your mind—the fact that you need to keep up with what you have people believing happened even though it didn’t happen. Lying just crowds and clouds your life up. Lying is WORK!

Spread the word about National Honesty Day to all your friends and family so they all know to celebrate the truth along with you tomorrow. While I certainly enjoy the antics of April Fool’s Day, I also like the idea of bookmarking the month with the flip-side.

That’s all for today, Folks. Till next time.


- John
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