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Hey, Fossy Folks!

Let’s take a moment here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog today and highlight the next among the many summer camps with whom we’re proud to have developed a wonderful relationship. On our last Summer Camp Spotlight Blog post we journeyed over to the East Coast in New Hampshire where we took a look at Camp Wa-Klo. And we’re essentially staying put to spotlight today’s summer camp, Camp Foss.

Sitting quite nearby the ocean, Camp Foss for Girls found its home on the shore of ‘Big’ Willey Pond back in the early 20’s of the 20thCentury when a camp committee and James H. Foss of the Strafford County struck an agreement.

By that time, the Camp Foss campgrounds didn’t look like much of a summer camp. It had undergone a lumber operation in previous years.The land sat in disarray, filled with the aftermath of a lumber camp, horse barns, as well as a sawdust pit. There was work to be done to say the least.

James H. Foss and the Foss family set out to raise the money they needed to clean up the land and construct the necessary cabins and dining hall in order to run a summer camp! They raised $3,000. That may sound like a lot, but it was even MORE back then! The value of a few thousand dollars back in 1923 is equivalent to roughly $50,000 in today’s economy. With that money, they built seven cabins and erected the dining hall.  

This girls camp actually started out as a coed camp until1965 when it shifted to an exclusively girls camp where girls get the opportunity for fun activities like Archery, Target Sports, Arts & Crafts,Boating, High and Low Ropes Course, Climbing Tower, Dance, Performing Arts,Cooking Class, Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Yoga, Gaga Ball, Four-Square,Volleyball, Stand Up Paddle Board, Swimming, Inflatables, and tons more fun!

Check out all the fun you could be having in the next camp season if you choose Camp Foss for your summer camp stay. You can get a closer look when you check out their website by clicking right here and, as always,thanks for reading!


- John

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