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Art Tells You Why He Likes The Everywhere Camp Chair

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Hey there, Camp Fans!

Let me tell you about a great employee and a good man whom I have the pleasure of working with here at Everything Summer Camp. His name is Art. It’s sort of hard to hang a name on Art as far as what you might call his job. He’s been our handyman and the maintenance guy at Everything Summer Camp for the last four years. Ask Art to build you something—anything—and he’ll come back with a piece of equipment that drops your jaw.

So what does a man of his qualities fancy at a summer camp store for kids?

Well, he’s actually a giant fan of the Everywhere Camp Chair from Crazy Creek. With this brilliantly convenient chair, you can feel free to take a seat here, there, and everywhere! Obviously, this chair is great for camp. You can take it on a trail for a snack break or use it by the campfire while you tell ghost stories.everywhere camp chair

Art doesn’t use it much for camping, though. He’s got plenty of other uses for it. “I use my Everywhere Camp Chair at all the sporting events that I go to like Auto Racing, High School Football games, and NFL games,” says Art.

Bring it along wherever; the Everywhere Camp Chair has all the features and convenience of the Original Crazy Creek Chair and it’s considerably less expensive. This chair provides you with thick foam padding, a mesh zippered pocket, and a water bottle holder on the back. There’s also a four-pocket fold down flap that can hold bug spray, sunglasses, binoculars, or whatever else you need it for.

Just fold this chair flat and secure it with its Velcro strap closures and convenient handle. Bring it along and take it everywhere! “It works great!” says Art with a smile.

Till next time, Camp Fans!


- John
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