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Are you somebody’s twin?

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Hey, all you Doppelgangers!

Has anyone ever told you that you look just like….If you’re somebody’s twin, then today was quite literally made for you! Today is National Lookalike Day. Lots of people pThis kid looks much like Milhouse from The Simpsons.ride themselves on their impressively close appearance to famous celebrities or even cartoon characters.

If you’re one of these people who seem to be a celebrity’s long-lost twin, today is a great day to really show people just how similar you look to your particular celebrity. Do up your hair like they wear it, dress in clothes that they wear, and get bonus points for attempting to talk and behave as they do too!

These guys certainly look alike.The world is full of people who look alike. Often times, doubles can have a lot in common because of their similar appearance. For less than four dollars, you can sign up with a website called Twin Strangers to gain membership with over a million other people who are searching for their doubles. You’re bound to have a match among a million-plus!

But the Twin Strangers website and posing as a celebrity with whom you share physical qualities are more-or-less meant for adults. An approach to today that’s a bit more fun for kids is to simply dress up as your own twin. Whether you’re biologically identical or just happen to be the spitting image of your best friend, brother, sister, or whomever else, today is always a fun day to celebrate.

Similarly-looking pairs can make today especially mirroring by dressing the same in order to accentuate their identical appearances. The day will typically ensue with confusion from friends and teachers at school about who is who; you may even cause some head-scratching at home. Have fun with the day as you sabotage one another’s identity and, as always, thanks for reading.

They aren't twins, but...who is who?


- John

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