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Anita's Camping Adventures

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Have you ever noticed that when you place an order with us here at Everything Summer Camp, your order is delivered at your doorstep in just a couple days? Our Shipping Department is a well-oiled machine thanks to Anita’s awesome orchestration! Under her management, so many great improvements have been implemented to our order-picking and order-packing processes. Creating such a fun work environment, it’s no wonder that our Shipping Department works so smoothly.

If given the opportunity to go to summer camp now in her adulthood, Anita said she would be most eager to do some good ol’ overnight camping. Anita feels at home in the Great Outdoors. Monthly camping trips were a regular part of the first 18 years of her life. But once she started dating the man she would come to marry, her camping trips became a weekly activity.

Included in her overnight camping trip, Anita would do some kayaking, some mountain biking, and—of course—outdoor cooking!   

Like lots of kids, Anita could never get enough time in the water. She’d go swimming all the time in her teen years and enjoyed plenty of other water activities growing up like fishing, tubing, water sports, and, her current favorite, kayaking.

Mountain Biking
As natural on a bike as she is in the water, Anita has plenty of fond memories cruising through a trail on her mountain bike. She recalls “Lots of our trips out,” she told me where “We’d just grab the tent, the cooler, the bikes, and go!”

Outdoor Cooking
Anita still goes on camping trips as often as her busy life allows. And no camping trip is complete without meals made over a campfire! Her and her daughter will still make pizza masterpieces over the open flames as well as orange peel muffins and plenty of other delicious meals. Sounds like I ought to join Anita on her next camping trip!

Do you love the same camp activities as Anita? Her picks are very essential summer camp experiences! It’s no surprise to find someone so in love with overnight camping working here at Everything Summer Camp! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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