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...And, We're Back

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Hey, Camp Fans!

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted much in the last couple weeks. It’s good to be back in my office and tapping away at the keyboard. Where have I been, you ask? Off on vacation? Taking sabbatical? Traveling the world? Not quite. Actually, I’ve been hard at work in our Shipping Department to get orders out of our warehouse and sent to your doorstep.

Normally we would be ramping up and hiring a bunch of seasonal workers for our Shipping, Graphics, and Call Center departments, however—due to the unknown situation of the summer camp season this year—we were hesitant to bring on seasonal help and, instead, made good use of our year-round employees to fill roles that aren’t typically a part of their normal job.

We’ve had all hands on deck to get our orders out:

Sticking to certain guidelines our Production crew has been practicing social distancing yet by having half the crew coming in on alternating days and the other half on the other days. To help fill in any gaps, we had our Sales Director, Matt, and Graphics Manager, Nate pitch in to help build our camp trunks.

Vice President of the company, Mark, as well as our guy in Sales and Marketing, Drew, and myself all rolled up our sleeves to help package orders in the Shipping Department.

Our Operations Manager, Brian took on work that Mark and Drew would have otherwise been doing.

And Deb, in our Clothing and Graphics Department started shipping full bags of mail straight from her department as opposed to sending it through Shipping.   

We’ve all enjoyed getting back to work after the nationwide lockdown and are taking the safest means of returning to the workplace as possible. Instead of the office, Mark and I met outside in the sunny parking lot of Everything Summer Camp just to go over the details of this post for social distancing purposes…and because it feels nicer out in the sun.

And talk about feeling nicer, we’re celebrating our return to the workplace with a sale on our camp trunks—we’re taking $20 off of our solid color trunks including Create-Your-Own Footlockers as well as our Black Trim Happy Campers. Take advantage of the trunk discounts while they last; this sale goes through the 24th. Have fun shopping and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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