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And Now for Winner Number Four

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The end of summer’s always bittersweet, but year-after-year, we’re excited here at Everything Summer Camp to keep with our traditional ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest! We saw an excellent response with your submissions this year with more stories, laughs, and good times. 

Today we have our fourth $50 winner. And that winner is…. Tamara G.! Check out her submission about her time at Laity Lodge Family Camp right now:


“We have been attending Laity Lodge Family Camp since 2018 with our three children, and love every minute of our time in the canyon alongside the headwaters of the Frío River. All of us feel more adventurous at camp—perhaps it’s the fun activities, being completely disconnected from the stresses of life (no cell service there!), or having the support of family telling you that you can do it—but even so, until this year I haven’t had the nerve to jump off the high rock ledge over a favorite river spot into the deep water. I’ve been great at avoiding it, always claiming the need to stay by my littlest one’s side, but this year my middle child was having none of it. He begged me to jump alongside him, and practically dragged me up to the ledge. In the end, with lots of coaxing and reassurances, I jumped! Guess what…it was fun! I had done it three more times when I heard the excited chatter of a young camper about the Apple Watch he found at the bottom of the river (the water is that clear). Wow—an Apple Watch! Even better? It worked!! “It works?” a counselor asked, “maybe someone lost it.” Yes, someone had lost it—I had. Apparently it fell off when I plunged into the river from up high. Thankfully, it was found even before I knew it was lost! I thanked the treasure hunter and told him that we’d treat him to an Icee from the Outpost. That was the story of the day at camp. With aspects of fear, bravery, joy, (unknown) loss, restoration, and more joy, what story could be better or more satisfying than that?”


What a wonderful thing for you and your family to do together, Tamara! Laity Lodge sounds like a really great place with some fun opportunities for adventure and it sounds like you guys had a blast! You’re right. Your story has it all—and an Icee! Hope your family continues to enjoy summers together and fun adventures! Thanks for sharing your story, Tamara.

If you’re interested in checking out Laity Lodge Family Camp for yourself, do it now by clicking here. Be sure to come back on Monday when we’ll continue announcing our winners and publishing your camp stories right here on the Blog! As always, thanks for reading (and writing), Boys and Girls!


 - John


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