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And now for Our Grand Prize Winner...

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Throughout September so far, I’ve been announcing the winners to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest. And, today, the time has come to reveal our grand prize winner for this year’s edition. Find out right here and right now—the winner of our $300 gift certificate is….

Amelia H.!

Yaaaayyy, Amelia!!! Congratulations. You’re our grand prize winner!!! Amelia wrote in to tell us about her experience at Camp Longhorn. Read her account of the fun camp stay right here on today’s Blog post:


“Camp was super fun. My favorite activity was the blob because it was so much fun and ended up being amazing. I was scared to do it at first, but all my new camp friends told me it was just like a giant marshmallow and that’s what gave me the courage to jump on and do it! I loved making new friends. Whenever I first got to camp, I was so nervous and now that I know everyone there, I will never, ever be nervous again. I loved the cook at camp -his real name is Barney Baker! Now I know what my mom meant when she told me he was the best cook in the whole world (she also went to my camp)! Now I also know why my mom used to say she wants her ashes spread out over Camp Longhorn and its Church Mountain and Inks Lake - it really IS the best place on earth. We all call it heaven on earth and now I REALLY know why we do! One of the most important mottos at my camp is “Everybody is Somebody at Camp Longhorn” and that is REALLY true, too! They make sure every person feels special at their very special place. I just love it and can’t wait to go back next summer.”


Thanks for this great submission, Amelia! We’re so glad to hear how much you loved your time at Longhorn. Way to go putting your fear behind you and jumping on the blob. It certainly looks a little intimidating but lots of fun too! It’s great to hear what a special place Camp Longhorn is to you. Have fun in the years to come!

For anyone else interested in Camp Longhorn, you can check it out right here. That concludes our big prize winners, but stay tuned each week when we publish a couple of our participants’ submissions so you can catch all the great submissions we received this year. As always, thanks for reading.


- John


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