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All You Need Now Is….S’MORE

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Hey, Kids!

I’m sure you all have your own favorite desserts. After all, there’s a lot of them to consider: cake, pie, pudding, ice cream, brownies, cookies…The list goes on. But there’s only one dessert to have when you’re sitting around a summer camp campfire and I’m sure you all know what it is!

That’s right, S’mores. It’s America’s traditional treat! A sandwich of roasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between two Graham Crackers. Short for “Some more,” this delicious dessert got its name because of what it makes you say after you eat it: “Mmm! I want s’more?”

A man named Alec Barnum is said to be the one who invented the s’more, though the dessert’s true history is somewhat of a mystery as its recipe appears in a book that was written by the Girl Scouts in 1927 called Trampling and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

In my opinion, it probably happened a little something like this:

Alec, an amateur explorer, one day got lost in the woods with nothing on his person but a bag of marshmallows, some Graham Crackers, and a Hershey’s Bar. Desperate for warmth, he made a fire and—using what he had with him—made his dinner.

Once he stumbled upon this delicious dessert sandwich he couldn’t help but to eat “some more” and he fell asleep before finishing the last one he made. The next morning Alec was discovered by Girl Scouts while they were out hiking. They also discovered Alec’s newly invented dessert!

You can make your own variations to s’mores recipes. Some people add peanut butter, others add fruit; as long as you have the initial three flavors, you have a s’more. In fact, all the desserts I listed at the beginning of this post can be made s’more flavored—s’more cake, s’more pie, s’more pudding, s’more brownies, s’more ice cream, s’more cookies (I’m starting to feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump). You got s’more dip, s’more bars, s’more donuts, s’more rolls…that’s—that’s about it.

Since it is National S’mores Day, we’ve cooked up some of our own S’mores & had a little contest to see who in the office could make the best S’more! Check them out here:




- John

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