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What’s up, Camp Fans?!

We love all the camp tales you've shared for our 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest here at Everything Summer Camp. Our participants truly exceeded our expectations this year! These stories are great and we love showcasing them to our online community. Every submission is getting featured right here on the Blog!

And now that we’ve announced our ten lucky winners who took larger prizes, we’re ready to share the rest of the submissions we received. The following post is from Melissa M. who put down her time at Camp OTX in Texas. Check out what she had to say about her camp stay right now:


“My first time to camp was this Summer 2023! I am 9 years old. I went to OTX for 2 weeks and came back feeling like a better, more confident person! Camp gave me so much independence, I gained lots of new friends, grew my connection with God and tried new experiences. I loved the challenge to try new things and got an award for putting lots of different activities in my schedule! My bunk mates were so fun and I am pen pals with one of the girls now—who I will actually go to high school with! My parents let me pick out my trunk & duffel bag. I really liked the organizer and putting pictures in it so I see my family when I first open it up! I can’t wait to go back every summer!”


This sounds like it was a great first year of summer camp for you, Melissa! Camp OTX offered a great balance of friends, fun, and independence. That’s awesome that you tried so many different things during your summer camp stay. And that’ great to hear that you’re writing with some of your friends from camp! You’re going to love seeing all your friends again next camp season! Thanks for sharing, Melissa.

Interested in attending Camp OTX for your next summer camp stay? Have a closer look at Camp OTX by checking out their website when you click right here. Thanks for reading, Camp Folks! And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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