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All in the Family

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Hey, Siblings!

You know about Father’s Day and we all know about Mother’s Day (which is just up ahead next weekend), but did you know that there is a day to celebrate our siblings? It’s today: Brothers and Sisters Day. Happy Brothers and Sisters Day everyone. Our siblings are everything from our best friend to our arch rival—our moral support as well as our annoying roommate. There are days when you love your siblings more than life itself; other days you want to disown them.

Whether we appreciate it at the time or not, they’re there for us.

And that’s reason enough to be thankful for our brothers and sisters. You’re all in this together—on the same rollercoaster ride of your household, under the same roof. Together. Brothers and sisters rely on the older ones for comfort and guidance; older siblings learn valuable lessons in growing up and maturing.

I’m the youngest of five siblings and, take it from someone with decades of experience: the older you get, the more you come to appreciate your brothers and sisters. Now that we’re all grown up, we find that we rely on each other all the time. Heck! I work with both of my brothers here at Everything Summer Camp!

Mark, the oldest, is the Vice President. Brian, the next down the line is our Operations Manager. And—of course—the youngest, yours truly, am the Writer and Blog Administrator of Everything Summer Camp. And, altogether, I know there’s nothing the three of us wouldn’t do if we knew either of our sisters, Erica or Kim, needed our help.

You can celebrate Brothers and Sisters Day and show them that you care by connecting with them in whatever way you can make happen today. If you’re younger, maybe just do something nice for your siblings. Take the dishes for a week or some other shared household chore to give the other/s a break. If you’re older and you no longer live together, you can get together a share a meal or have a talk around a fire. If you’re separated by too much distance for getting together, just make sure to send them a card or talk to them on the phone.

Just make sure you let you’re brothers and sisters know what they mean to you at least this one time each year and appreciate that you have them in your life! Some only-children out there certainly have perks to being the only child, but they aren’t so fortunate to have built-in friendship with their kin. Happy Brothers and Sisters Day, Folks. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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