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All About Paintball

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Hey, Paintballers!

Paintball is a popular activity and a thrilling one at that! It’s a sport that requires different things from you, depending on the lay of the land and the obstacles placed on the playing field. You might have to crawl, dive, run, jump, dodge, speed, and more. It’s a great, all-inclusive workout body to keep yourself healthy with family and friends.

The first paintball gun was invented in the 1960s by the Nelson Paint Company. It was initially called a marker as its original use was never intended to be used on people, but rather for lumberjacks and farmers to mark trees and livestock. Another decade later, two buddies were having a conversation about how well city folk could survive a situation where they were being targeted in natural settings.

The discussion led to the idea to make a game out of it. It even turned into something they would profit off of, selling protective gear to go along with the paintballs and the guns such as goggles, mask, vest, guards, etc. It’s caught on quite a bit since its start! Here’s what people get out of it:

Improves Strength
As I already mentioned, Paintball is an extremely physical activity—good for building muscles in your arms, legs, and core! Unlike a typical gym workout which focuses on one or two areas at once, Paintball gets all your muscles working together!

Reduce Stress
Paintball is an opportunity to de-stress! There’s actual science to back this up. See, the intense game play will have an effect on your brain that releases chemicals called endorphins which tend to keep your mind focused and at peace—even in the heat of battle! Strategizing in the game is another great way to focus your thoughts and lead to further focus. And, of course, playing in the outdoors is always good to bring you fresh air and negative ions!

Promotes Teamwork
Other variations can mean just one-on-one, but typically Paintball is a team sport that requires a strategy that is executed by all team players. It also encourages team spirit and improves leadership skills. Cooperation is one of the key components of the game.

Needless to say, Paintball is fun! And, though it may come as some surprise, having fun is a wonderful aid to your health. The flow of adrenaline, laughing, and enjoying an activity with a close group is a bonding experience does wonders for your mental health.

Look around to find a camp that offers Paintball or just find a local Paintball Park and get yourself geared up for the fun! Enjoy the experience and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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