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All About Brantwood

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Hey, Summer Campers!

This pandemic has left us with a lot of questions—particularly at Everything Summer Camp, “Will camp happen this year?” Camps all across the country have an optimistic resolve about the coming summer camp season. We work with tons of camps and the majority are still planning on a 2020 summer camp season! One among the many is Brantwood Camp in New Hampshire.   

Concerning covid, they put this message out on their facebook: “Brantwood Camp Family & Friends! We are doing everything we can to put procedures into place to make sure our staff and campers are safe and, as long as we can ensure that safety, we are planning on operating Summer 2020 as usual!”

Treated to 350 scenic acres of beautiful hills and impressive woods of the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, Brantwood now receives 365 eager campers each year. In operation since 1904, Brantwood was initially a summer camp exclusive to boys, but opened Brantwood for girls in 1982 just a mile down the road. There’s lots of fun going on at Brantwood Camp! Provided with a pool as well as the gorgeous Silver Lake, daily Swimming is an essential part of a summer stay. As for fun on the land, campers learn confidence, teamwork, and good sportsmanship playing sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, Kickball, Swimming, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, and more! Brantwood’s Campcraft program is awesome too, giving campers the chance to practice water safety and first aid as well as learning astronomy and exploring nature.

Brantwood Camp also offers B-Jerseys to those who earn them through victories in outdoor challenges and problem-solving competitions. Do awesome things at Brantwood like Rope Course, Rock Climbing, Rope Swing, Tightrope Walking, Canoeing, and more!

The boys’ campus is home to seven A-frame cabins where up to nine campers and two staff members sleep. Campers are accommodated with bunkbeds and cots as well as a drawer and cubby for belongings. The girls’ campus has six, identical cabins. They house up to 11 campers and two staff members, providing storage areas. Each cabin has a screened door and windows for good ventilation.

Each campus is equipped with fully modernized bathrooms, kitchen and dining room, large indoor recreational space, nature center, spacious activity fields, and a swimming pool! An awesome place for awesome kids, check out Brantwood Camp for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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