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Alijah J.'s First Camp Stay!

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Hey, Camp Kids!

We were thrilled with your response to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp! Your stories were great and it was such a fun time reading through them. Get a look at each submission as I post them one-by-one right here on the Blog!

Today’s post is from Alijah J. who wrote in to tell us about a first year at Camp It's no surprise that Alijah sees what's so lovely about Longhorn! Longhorn. Put it in front of your eyes and read his summer camp submission right now:

Hi my name is Alijah J. This year was my first year at Camp Longhorn. I had the greatest experience. I learned how to properly shoot a gun and bow and arrow. There were lots of dances/carnivals which also made my camp experience great. Being away from my phone and not to have to worry about the things at home was the greatest feeling. I got to spend good quality time with my friends and also met new friends who I hope I can keep for a life time. Whenever I’m too old to attend Camp Longhorn I will hope to return as a counselor. I love everything about Camp Longhorn. There are no dislikes about it. I can’t wait to return to Camp Longhorn next year!

Glad you got such an immersive summer camp experience away from your home and away from your phone. It’s great to hear that being away from these everyday items was a positive experience for you. Sounds like you truly embraced being surrounded by fun and friends in the great outdoors!

I’m confident that Camp Longhorn will only get better each year straight through your days of being a camp counselor, Alijah! To anybody else interested in Camp Longhorn, give it a closer look for yourself some time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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