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Alexis S. has Camp Success

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re very excited to post your ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest submissions to share with all our readers right here on the Blog. All participants receive a $15 gift certificate unless you’re one of our seven lucky winners in which case you’ll receive larger prizes of $25, $50, and the grand prize of $100. This week we’ll be announcing the first four winners of the $25 gift certificates—and today we have our third $25 winner….

Alexis S.!

Congratulations, Alexis! You’re our third contest winner! Alexis had a growing experience at Camp Lohikan this year. Faced with a challenge throughout her camp stay, she still found fun and friendship at camp. Read all about it in her heartfelt entry:
Have fun like Alexis at Camp Lohikan.This was my second year at Camp Lohikan and, as a bit of a backstory, last year was what made camp one of the happiest places ever to exist for me. It has been a place where I can be me and even though I only go for 2 weeks out of the year, it makes the whole rest of the year worth it. This year was different though. I got to camp after an entire year anticipating what was to come. And there was my best friend of eight, I repeat EIGHT years, sitting there with her new best friend of one year on a bunk bed in our cabin. Just to let you know I came this year under the full impression that I was coming with a whole new bunk to get to know. I did not know she would be coming and I am a firm believer in coming and meeting more people each year and to me camp is a way to escape actual life and be with people who are real and true. Getting back on track here, my heart broke in that moment. It is a fine thing but—my camp? My sacred place? Come on! I just found one friend in my cabin because every other girl there had a habit of gossiping and cussing more than any people I had ever known in my life. But I knew there was more to this place. I struggled for a week and was intending to continue to deal for the remaining time I was there. But one day I wrote my mom an email and it was nice and had notes that said that I didn’t like this year but as I sent it, I messed up and accidentally deleted it. I was at my final straw and when I rewrote the email, I got straight to the point and told her that my bunk was mean, no one was the same as last year, and I never wanted to come back. I then proceeded to leave the email house, go back to my cabin and cry for the good portion of an hour. At dinner my division director asked me to meet her in her office after dinner. She told me that my mom had called with concern and asked me if I wanted to switch cabins. I told her that I did and the rest is history because I again have so many friends, so many memories and this year was even better than last year and I can’t wait to go back next year and create more with he girl in my bunk. Shout out to 21A!!!!!

Thanks again for your submission, Alexis. Sounds like a hard time at camp, but fun nevertheless. It always is! For anyone else interested in Camp Lohikan, you can check it out right here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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