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Alexa T. and Camp Chi

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Hey, Camp Fans!

This weekend, we continue on with publishing the awesome submissions we received for our new monthly ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest. All entrants after our two prize winners received S’more Bucks (our campy term for loyalty points) for their participation. At Everything Summer Camp, everyone’s a winner. 

The following post is from Alexa T. who wrote in to tell us about her summer visits at Camp Chi! Here’s her submission:

“Hi, my name is Alexa T. and I go to Camp Chi. Camp is one thing that keeps me going all year round, constantly giving me something to look forward to. One of the most meaningful memories I had was on Shabbat. On Shabbat, we do a song session, where we all come together and sing music and songs. On this day, we were early to song session and were told to come back later. It was the last song session of the year, so we were all ready to sing and cry our hearts out. Instead of going back to the cabin, my cabin decided to all lay on our backs in a circle on the tennis courts. We all went around in a circle talking about how much we loved one another and how much camp meant to us. We all started crying because knew in that moment that we all had each other always, and that we knew we had friends to talk to through any sadness or problem. In that moment, I felt accepted, at peace, and at home. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world to feel like you truly belong and know that no matter what, we will always be friends. These girls are not just my friends, but my sisters. Without camp, I wouldn’t be the person I am now. I wouldn’t have met these people that allowed me to be independent and strong person I am today. They give me the strength to keep going. Camp showed me the importance of getting to know someone truly, ignoring all the technology and stereotypes. It provides kids a place to truly be themselves. I will always thank camp for being not just a place, but my home.”

Sounds like you know exactly where you belong, Alexa! It’s wonderful to hear about all the great times you have with all the fun and all the friends you have at Camp Chi and it makes us so happy to hear how much camp means to you! Thanks for your submission, Alexa. To everybody else, if you’re interested in finding out firsthand what Alexa is talking about, visit Camp Chi’s website to learn more. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John


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