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Ain't No Sucka at Winnamocka

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Hey, Camp Fans!

People from all over the country have closed their doors in the summer season to take the precautions deemed necessary to keep everyone safe throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but there have been some areas where people have been fortunate enough to not be impacted as heavily as others. Though many camps have had to close their doors for the 2020 summer season, there are still some holding sessions. Camp Winnamocka is one. 

Camp Winnamocka sits on 220 acres of Arkansan trails, lakes, jungle lagoons, and lots more. They’ve been going since mid-June for their camp season and just wrapped up their last session at the start of the month. To assure campers and parents alike that the campus was safe, the staff put out this message:

“The health and safety of our campers, camp families, and staff are the top priority every summer.  Due to the current health issues related to COVID-19 we will be implementing several procedural changes to help our families feel comfortable sending children to our programs…Camp Winnamocka opening and closing activities will look just a bit different this year, but this will enable us to limit contact with our facility.”

We’re happy to see that it’s been a successful summer camp session for all the happy Winnamocka campers who got their summer camp experience despite this year’s uncertain camp season.

We here at Everything Summer Camp are in full support of Camp Winnamocka and are so excited for their campers who got to have their summer session this year despite lots of questioning. We’re delighted to know that summer dreams have come true for some fortunate kids this season. May we all make it through these strange times more or less unscathed and set our sights on a less questionable summer next year. As always, thanks for reading.


- John


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