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Advice for Best Friends on Best Friends Day

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Hey, Besties!

Happy Best Friend Day! Today is a day to hang out and have fun with the friend you treasure most. Best friends do everything together from hanging out to going on family vacations with one another. So how come summer camp has to separate the inseparable? It may not be easy to tell your friend about your summer plans to head off to overnight camp, but today’s post is here to help you break the news to your friend without breaking their heart.

Friends are likely to feel a little dejected when you tell them that you’re leavingBest friends are friends forever for a week, two weeks, a whole month, or even longer. The idea that they’ll be minus a friend for the summer can hit hard. They might make some attempt at trying to attend camp with you which may or may not be in your best interests. Take a look at an old Blog post written by camp expert, Dr. Chris Thurber about the pros and cons of attending camp along with a friend.

But even more than just being minus a friend throughout fun summer days, your friend may be concerned that you’re heading off to camp where you’re sure to make lots and lots of new camp friends. After all—a big part of summer camp fun is making new friends. It’s not, however, the only part—nor is it the part that kids love most about camp.

What kids love most about summer camp is the chance to be themselves.

Summer camp gives kids the opportunity to shed their reputation from neighborhood friends, school, and even home life. When your reputation is nonexistent, kids get the clearest picture of who they are and discover their most “authentic personality” as Dr. Thurber puts it. What kids get most out of summer camp is a sense of self identity and personal growth.

The company of an established friend at camp could make for lots of fun, but it can also hinder personal growth. If you’re headed off to camp without your best friend, fill them in on your summer plans directly—don’t be worried about their reaction. For all you know, your friend is just as worried to break the news of their summer plans to you as you are about breaking your news to them.

Maybe not, though.

Maybe they’ll be sad to learn that you won’t be around to hang out with. Reassure them of the strength of your friendship and highlight all the fun opportunities that camp offers—like activities and personal growth as opposed to making new friends. You can promise to write them while you’re away. What will help the most, though, is helping your friend to move past the sadness by enjoying as much time together as you can. Have fun!

Celebrate Best Friend Day with your best friend and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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