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A Trip to the Moon

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Hey, Moonbrains!

As much as that may sound like an insult, I say it with the dearest affection. For, if you’re a fan of the Moon, then I’m a fan of you! And how do you NOT fall into a lifelong love with the Moon?! It’s full of romance, mystery, and holes…okay, I mean craters. Well, actually, no—I mean holes! What am I saying here? Do I really think the Moon is full of holes? Well, kinda. Today is Moon Day. Let’s investigate:We all love the sight of an afternoon moon!

So what makes me think that the Moon is full of holes? Well, the fact that it’s hollow.

Sigh. That probably just dug me deeper. I can understand how crazy that sounds, but it’s true! At least, that seems to be the case. See, not a lot of people know that on our first mission to the Moon, when the landing device hit the surface prior to the astronauts touching down themselves, they reported back to the scientists at NASA that the impact caused the Moon to reverberate. They said it “rang like a bell”.

It wasn’t just Neil, Buzz, and Michael who observed this “ringing” either; it was the entire NASA team that sent those guys. Thousands of credible people saw the readouts of this heavenly body reverberating which leads us to only one real conclusion we can make: the Moon is hollow.

I think the reason this sounds so ridiculous is because when we think of something being hollow, we tend to consider something like an inflated beach ball or a blown egg. However, if the Moon is, indeed, hollow, it’s likely not totally empty on the inside, but more so full of cavernous tunnels. And that stands to reason since we cannot see the bottoms to some of the Moon’s deepest crater impacts.

Yep! It sounds pretty crazy—I agree. But there IS substantial reason to believe that the Moon might not be as solid as we figure it to be. It’s a crazy world we live in, indeed. Embrace it and, as always, thanks for reading, Moon Lovers!


- John

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