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Hey, Riders!

If you’re passionate about horseback riding, then you’re probably already aware of our fantastic selection of riding gear from leading brand names like Equi-Star, Troxel Performance Headgear, and Ovation. Each of these brands has their own niche in the world of riding accessories. And today, I’m talking about Ovation. Check out awesome riding pants and chaps from this great brand!

Summer camps are often times full of horse people just like yourself, so we need to be prepared and provide some of the very best in horseriding gear. We want all riders to be safe, comfortable, and free as they gallop and jump!

Like Equi-Star (which we also offer right here on our website), Ovation is one of the many trusted brands in the English Riding Supply family—a name that’s been growing their collection since 2013. English Riding Supply is the parent company for other names such as RWR (Real Women Ride), RSL (Riderstouch Gloves), Equi-Essentials, and roughly 30 other brands that have quite the reputation for themselves as being high grade.

Whether you're an experienced rider or you’ve just begun your first riding lesson, Ovation offers amazing, comfortable, and premium products for equestrian horseback riding and tagged with a great, affordable price. Whatever occasion you’re dressing for, whether it be an event, school, pleasure riding, or cleaning in the stables, Ovation is a trusted brand that people return to time and time again.

Get all the gear you’ll need to go riding during your summer camp stay right here! Check out our selection of Ovation Horse Riding Gear and get yourself set with your pair of riding pants and chaps. You can view our complete selection of Ovation products available here at Everything Summer Camp when you click right here. Enjoy browsing and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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