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A Silverbirch Song

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Hey, Camp Folks!

We greatly appreciate all the camp stories you've shared for our 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest here at Everything Summer Camp. Our participants truly impressed us this year with their wonderful tales! These stories are exceptional, and we're eagerly looking forward to presenting them to our online community. Every submission will be featured right here on the Blog!

Now that we've announced the ten fortunate winners who have earned significant prizes, we're ready to share the rest of the submissions we received. The next post is from Aurelia D., who has chosen to recount her experiences at Camp Woodland for Girls in Wisconsin. Dive into her reflections on her camp adventure right away:


“My camp does a song contest every year. That’s when you take a popular song and change the words to make it relate to camp life at Woodland. Your song, also has to have a choreography to go with it. The song is then presented in front of the whole camp and a team of judges. If your song wins first place, it will be in the Counselor in Training show at the end of camp. We spent one whole week preparing for song contest. We picked: “Ugly Heart”, changed the lyrics created a routine to match our words and practiced non-stop during quiet hour, before meals, every spare minute we had in the cabin. When the day finally arrived, we felt prepared but we all sat there nervous waiting for our turn to perform. When our turn arrived, we got out there did our best and had fun. When it was time to announce the winner, we sat there holding our breath, clutching each other’s hands. Then we heard it: “first place is…Silverbirch!” Our cabin jumped with excitement! This was the first time I had ever won a cabin event; it was the best Saturday night!”


Thanks, Aurelia—excellent submission! The Woodland Song Contest sounds like a super-fun project to span throughout the summer stay! I’m glad you and your cabin had such a fun time with this part of summer camp. Camp Woodland for Girls sounds like a really fun and creative place to attend.

Check out Camp Woodland for your camper with a closer look when you click right here. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John



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