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A Quick History of Stick

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Hey, Sticker Slickers!

Sometimes stickers say what words just can’t express—after all, a picture says a thousand words. And adhesive pieces of art look great as decoration around your camp bunk area, on your camp trunk, or in your bedroom at home! The right sticker can really make a place pop or bring the right tone to a written message.

You may be surprised to discover that, similar to emojis and their roots in hieroglyphics, stickers are traced back to Ancient Egypt as well.

As trunkmakers, we're naturally big fans of stickers!

Along with a mountain of other inventions such as Papyrus—a thin sheet made from the Papyrus reed that the ancients used to write on—the Egyptians are responsible for developing a plastered paper which was probably used to display prices of goods on the walls of the ancient markets.

This was essentially what we know as wet tape or gummed tape which is still found in wide use today in industrial settings. This is the type of material found on the inside of the flap on a mailing envelope—a water-activated adhesion.

Sir Rowland Hill, an English schoolmaster, invented an adhesive that he then for postage stamps in 1839 and he took it upon himself to campaign for cheaper and faster mail delivery from the postal service. Thanks to Mr. Hill, the first stamp was issued in England in 1840. He was knighted for his efforts and invention. This adhesive paper led to more modern stickers like we see today.

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- John

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