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A New Kid's Headlamp!

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Hey, Light Fans!

One new brand name we’re more than thrilled to now have on board is Petzl. Bringing 20 lumens to the table with this kid’s TIKKID Headlamp, the Petzl brand is certainly serious about the service they supply through the quality of their equipment. That’s because a young Ferdinand Petzl explored places that required a product of a certain quality that wasn’t available to him in the 1930s.

Ferdinand was a cave explorer. His explorations grew into thousand-meter  by Get a good look at this great headlamp from Petzl.designing and creating solutions for ascending, descending, belaying, and seeing in the dark. And with his craftsmanship came the company. By 1970, the first ‘Fernand Petzl’ brand products were produced in a French workshop.

The current President of the company, Paul Petzl had this to say: “My father was an artisan and a speleologist [cave] explorer. From early childhood on, I was immersed in the thrill of discovery. The pleasure of designing and then perfecting objects drove my father, Fernand Petzl. The company revolutionized activities connected with lighting and verticality."

The Petzl company grew and it didn’t take long before it had developed into an international enterprise! Throughout this growth, the company strived and succeeded to remain mindful of keeping their passion and personal feel which was the foundation on which Petzl has been built.   

Manufacturing rope ascenders and descenders in the 60s, it was 1973 when Petzl put out its first mountaineering headlamp. Mastering their craft along the way, Petzl eventually produced a children’s headlamp—a product that’s easy-to-use and kid-friendly: the TIKKID Petzl Headlamp.

This lamp will light the night, casting 20 lumens onto your path. Boasting a flood beam for easy-reading and three different lighting modes, get this headlamp for your upcoming camp adventure. Check out this awesome Petzl Headlamp by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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