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A Look at Cutter Repellent

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Hey, Camp Folks!

It’s our mission here at Everything Summer Camp to help you in every way we can in sending your kids off to get the most out of the summer camp experience. The same as you, we want to ensure that your family is fully prepared and ready to enjoy the opportunity of summer camps. That’s why we’re proud to carry some of the top names in the market to give you confidence while you shop for camp.

More than just a pesky reality of summer camp, the great outdoors in general is teeming with insects in the summer season which can really ruin a party. Don’t let it happen. One of the best ways to protect yourself against insects is by wearing a good insect repellent when you embark into the summer wilderness. Delivering uncompromised protection and safety where it counts, there are few better brands of insect repellent than Cutter.

In addition to being a general annoyance, many insects are known to spread disease, turning them from a pesky nuisance to an invasive danger. Whether you’re hanging out in your backyard or venturing out into the deep woods, it's important to take the necessary protective precautions such as covering yourself in bug repellent when you head into buggy areas.

Offering a variety of natural products as well as chemical-employed alternatives, Cutter has you covered with kid-safe and high-performing products that keep the bugs at bay. We offer Cutter’s repellent in sprays as well as wipes with the Cutter All Family Mosquito Wipes for kid-friendly application as well as a pocket-size spray for convenience on a day hike or other outing.

Outdoor enthusiasts have made Cutter a leading brand of insect. Cutter is an excellent choice for any summer camper looking to stay protected from insects this summer. Order your Cutter Insect Repellent here at Everything Summer Camp today and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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