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A Little About Missy’s Life Outside Of Work

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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Last year I introduced you, our fellow Blog readers, to Missy, our Receptionist at Everything Summer Camp. I told you about how she’s the first face you’ll see when you walk into our Main Building and how she’s a very warm and friendly presence in our office. Missy is always there to help.

But today, we’ll delve a little deeper to get a picture of what Missy’s life is like outside of work. We won’t have to look too far outside of work, however, since Missy lives just past missyBoyd, the home of Everything Summer Camp.

She’s quite familiar with the town as it’s the place where she was born and raised. “Yep, I grew up in the bar down the road and I married my high school sweetheart,” says Missy. They spent some time living around the state in Rice Lake as well as Wausau. It wasn’t until the two got married that they moved back to Boyd and into the family farm where Mike grew up.

They have three children—Chelsea, who is now attending UW Oshkosh; Morgan, a junior in high school; and Luke who’s in the eighth grade. Between Morgan, who plays basketball and softball and Luke, who’s interested in football, baseball, basketball, and trying out for track this year, they spend a lot of time at sporting events.

Altogether, they have 78 pets: that’s two dogs, six cats, and 70 cows. Fortunately for the family it’s only the dogs, Zoe (a black lab) and Braun (a Great Pyrenees, named after the Brewer) that are ever inside.

While they don’t travel very often, they usually find some time at least once out of the year to go find a hotel somewhere and just get away for a weekend or so. Her kids are big fans of waterparks. “I just think that any time you can get out of winter in Wisconsin and see some sun, it’s a good time.”

That’s all for today, Folks! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Missy a little better.


- John
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