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A Hat Like That

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Hey, Hatters!

From functionality to status symbol to simple style, everyone’s worn a hat at some point in their lives whether it be for one reason or another. We wear them to shield our eyes from sunlight as well as sweat or to protect ourselves against the cold. They’re a part of many people’s uniforms. And some just look good sitting on your head! Today is National Hat Day.

People have been wearing hats for thousands of years—five thousand to be specific. They’ve been around a long time and there’s a lot to discover about them. This isn’t the first time we’ve acknowledged National Hat Day here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog. Check out this previous post to brush up on your hat history.

It’s the middle of January, so if you’re in a colder climate like we are here at Everything Summer Camp in Northwestern Wisconsin, chances are the only hats you’re wearing lately are nice, warm winter beanies and stocking hats. We offer some on our online store along with all our other baseball caps. Select your camp when you click here to see if your camp offers any hats through our store.

Our camp hats actually contribute a new purpose to hat-wearing since they sport the name of the summer camp front and center. This way you can literally wear your camp pride! Let everyone know where your home-away-from-home is when you order one of your camp baseball caps, stocking hat, or beanie.

It only makes sense to celebrate National Hat Day by wearing your favorite hat! If you don’t have a favorite hat in your home, order your summer camp hat here at Everything Summer Camp so you can be prepared for next year! Happy Hat Day, Everybody. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John   

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