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A Frame for Your Name

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Hey, Footlocker Fans!

We’re always thinking of new ways that you can decorate your camp trunk. Here at Everything Summer Camp, the Maker of C&N Footlockers, we know that your camp trunk means so much more to you than just some random storage unit.

An attractive space that’s totally your own to hold your needs and other belongings during your travels, your trunk tends to become an extension of you for your adventures. You develop a personal connection with your trunk.

We encourage kids and camp families to choose a color or design for their footlocker as well as decorating options that really ring true with your personality.

We have 20 colors to choose from along with a seemingly endless options of images, patterns, and designs on our Designer Trunks. Along with that we have our trunk decorating options with awesome products like custom Nameplates or our Lid Skinz print that turns the top of your trunk into something that’s dazzling!

Our Signature Signs are our latest options added to our Trunk Decorating options. Constructed of solid metal material and backed with adhesive, Signature Signs are essentially glorified Nameplates, but they’re even bigger than our biggest One-of-a-Kind Nameplate.

Type your name as you want it to appear and choose from a great variety of border designs. Then apply the personalized sign to your camp trunk with ease! These also look great and add a part of your personality to a bedroom wall, door, or school locker.

Yes, you can dress up a camp trunk anyway you like so that it’s sure to be a wonderful extension of your personality! And there’s no better way to express yourself than displaying your beautiful name. Design your own Signature Sign on our website when you click right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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