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Hey, Little Birdies!

Today is Feed the Birds Day—a wonderful day to participate in not just for the birds, but for yourself as well! Feeding birds can be a very educational experience, imparting scientific concepts built in to nature and giving us a better understanding of the importance in caring for our environment and the life that lives there. Ask your folks if they can help you feed the birds. Here are some things to consider:

A Balanced Bird Diet
Just the same way that your body requires you eat the right things in order for it to function its best, birds are no different. Birds stay healthy and energized by eating the right kind and the right amount of nutrients. But wild birds are all different. Some eat bugs, grubs and worms for their nutrition while others eat seeds and berries. In order to see what kind of birds enjoy what kind of food, put out a variety for them like seeds, nuts, berries, and suet (fat).

Tweeter Feeder
Different feeders will attract different birds. Bowl-style feeders provide an open shape that allows several birds to feed at once. It’s also an easy one for kids to refill as opposed to a tube-style feeder. Tube feeders take a little extra effort to fill up, however, you can usually get away with a refill once every several days or a week (depending on how much food fits in your feeder. Probably the easiest method yet is to simply get a suet cage and blocks of suet to put inside. Hang it up outside and you’re done.

Hit the Spot
Some locations are better than others for birdfeeders. It’s important that the feeder goes somewhere several feet away from shrubs where predators could be hiding. Birds also want to be either in or near a tree where they can take shelter. Be sure to pick a spot for your feeder where you’ll be able to see it from inside the house. You want to be able to enjoy watching all your new feathered friends! Perhaps you’ll want a pair of binoculars handy to really study these amazing little creatures!

So whether you want to devote a lot or just a little time to putting out some food for the birds in your yard, the birds will sure appreciate it and you’ll love it too. Have a great Feed the Birds Day and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! Till next time.


- John

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