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A Cyber Sort of Monday

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Hey, Online Shoppers!

We’re happy to see you as we approach the close of Black Friday weekend. We hope you’ve been blown away at the prices of all your shopping endeavors throughout the weekend. But we aim to surprise you the most. If you’re still looking for great deals on quality camping gear from Everything Summer Camp you’re certainly not too late! The sales have been going on at Everything Summer Camp since mid-November and we’re not planning on stopping them any time soon.

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday and there are no changes among discounts and deals on our site. Our Black Friday Sale is simply extended through the weekend, through tomorrow, and well beyond into weeks of December.

If you have yet to take full advantage of the amazing deals we have to offer this year, take a good look at some of this sale’s highlights and then, get shopping! The Deal of the Day today is a quarter of the regular price on the Everything Summer Camp Gear Bag. It’s going from $39.99, knocked down to $9.99!

Tomorrow’s Deal of the Day for Cyber Monday is nearly cutting a price in half for a very nice product. Starting tomorrow, get the Flannel Sherpa Throw for $13.99 instead of $24.99!

After Cyber Monday, we’re having three more ‘Deal of the Day’ deals in the first three days of December. And, even after ‘Deal of the Day’ is done, our sales continue on for a few more weeks!

Have fun finding these fantastic deals all over our shop! They’re here to stay for a while yet, but the earlier you order, the earlier you have it ready to go for summer camp! Enjoy yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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