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A Bit About Birds

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Hey, Little Birdies!

Happy Bird Day! Birds are fascinating creatures for which many people have great appreciation. Birding is a relaxing activity that people develop in which they spot and study particular birds. You can do this with birds you spot in your backyard or with birds you seek out in the wilderness. Check out these amazing facts about birds that just might change the way you see them…


Bird Brain
Calling someone ‘bird-brain’ may sound like an insult, but the more you learn about birds the more you may take kindly to such a reference. A particular family of birds including crows, ravens, rooks, jays, and others are believed to be some of the most intelligent animals in the world based on their capacity for problem-solving, crafting tools, considering future events, and considering the state of mind of another creature.

Built-in Compass
Scientists believe birds have a protein in their eyes that provides them with a sense called magnetoreception—the ability to detect the magnetic fields of the Earth.  This is likely what gives birds their accurate navigation skills as they fly south for the winter and return in the spring.

The Big Birds
Not the famous one that lives on Sesame Street. Just generally speaking, what is the largest bird? Well, that answer isn't quite as cut-and-dry as what the smallest kind of bird is: the Bee hummingbird which weighs less than a penny. If you’re going based off weight, it’s the ostrich which can weigh more than 300 pounds! But for flighted birds, the condor takes the cake in weight, though the Wandering Albatross’ wingspan is larger, expanding out to 12 feet! 

Aren’t birds incredible? I think the best thing about them is that, no matter where you are, you can see birds of some species or another. You may not be able to catch a condor without going to great lengths, but you can probably spot a bird of some kind without leaving your backyard. Put out some bird food, grab some binoculars, and you ought to have a great show!

Did you already know any of these things about birds? Be sure to comment to let us know and, as always, thanks for reading and happy camping!


- John

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