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Making Friends

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How to make friends!!

At Bay Shore, it’s really easy to make friends. But for people like me, it’s more hard. Introverts aren’t bad people, we’re just different. Instead of making a bunch of friends, It is usually better to make a few close friends. If you feel so inclined, I would suggest going up to someone that you would like to make friends with and saying hello. Maybe ask them a few questions about themselves, such as favorite food, favorite color, favorite season? Just talk to them like you would talk to any of your other friends. What’s the worst they could say? If they say no, try again. Our failures are what make us human and they only lead to success.

Sarah W.
Camp Staff Member
Bay Shore Camp
10 Years

Stay Connected

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Bring a pen and notebook to write down peoples contact information before you leave. It’s always nice to keep in touch with camp friends!

Jezabel L. 
Camp Staff Member
Camp Foss 
6 Years

Bring Friends Along

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Friends. The most important thing probably you will ever have. I always wanted my best friend to come to camp with me but she was ways so busy so I convinced my sister. It’s nice to have someone you know there. What I did is one day we went on a walk and I explained everything I knew to her about camp to where she was sold and asked my mom to go! If you want your friend or sibling to come with you definitely do a day in the life its also fun to act out!

Kate W.
YMCA Camp Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha
4 Years

Sending Packages

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I always leave a few packages/pieces of mail in the main office to be delivered to my daughter with dates on them. In one I always add a few things to share with the campers - glow sticks, funky sunglasses, maybe a game to play etc. My daughter often says she thinks it helps the cabin bond a little. I like this one to be delivered on day two!

Kathy F.
Parent of a Camper
Camp Takodah
3 Years

Comforts of Home

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Be sure to include some of the comforts of home. Pack your kiddo’s special snacks to share with bunk mates, small stack of favorite books and an MP3 player. These comforts will not only make them feel at home, but also give them some things to share with their bunkmates.

Debra P. 
Parent of a Camper
Independent Lake Camp
2 Years