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Mailing Letters

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To help campers with homesickness, mail letters before they go to camp so they can get them right away. I never realized how much they could mean in helping my daughter adjust to camp!

Callie F. 
Parent of a Camper
Camp DeSoto
1 Year

Pre-Address Envelopes

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Pre-address your envelopes! This will make sending letters quicker and less confusing! Parents can help to avoid errors in writing the address and format.

Jezabel L. 
Camp Staff Member
Camp Foss 
6 Years

Send Care Packages

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My daughter loved that I kept a few items out of her trunk and sent them in a care package so she had fun mail to open: sunglasses, twinkle lights, playing cards. Just fun things for her to receive.

Sandra M.
Parent of a Camper
Camp Nokomis
1 Year

Pre-Write the Mailing Envelopes

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Pre - write mailing envelopes to home and friends. Up the odds of getting more letters!

Lisa R. 
Parent of a Camper
Crane Lake Camp
2 Years

Start Packing Sooner

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I am the grandparent of three campers for the summer of 2023, including a new camper. All three are completely packed and their duffels are ready to send to camp. How? We washed and folded all the linens etc. the day they came home. I shopped and filled in all the color war stuff and things they would need for the following summer. Without stress or deadline, I packed all three kids in one day, feeling so relaxed that there was no pressure. THE SOONER YOU GET IT DONE, THE BETTER YOU FEEL! All that is left are the clothes ... how great is that!?!

Amy P.
Parent of a Camper
Camp Harlam
10 Years


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