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Making Friends

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Camp friends are what truly make camp special. But, it can be kind of scary to make new friends, so here is my advice on how to make some of the best friends you'll ever have. Firstly, be open! You might miss your friends from home and be nervous around new people; but take a deep breath, and remind yourself that your friends from home were once new too. Once you've gotten past any innitial nerves, it's pretty simple: just start talking! Ask questions, find common interests, tell them about yourself, ask if they want to sign up for classes together or if you can borrow a book they brought or really anything! And then just keep saying hi and making conversation until you're not even thinking about it anymore, you're just hanging out with your friend! I know it can be intimidating, but trust yourself to find someone you'll look forward to seeing every summer.

Sara Y.
Camp Staff Member
Kamp Kickapoo
10 years