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Bring An Instrument

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Bring an instrument if you play one!  (I’m talking guitars, ukuleles, portable instruments like that!) My camp had a talent show, and I was bummed I didn’t bring my guitar. I was able to borrow one and perform, but I regretted not bringing my own. I definitely will next year! 

Mary B.
Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp
1 year

Get Everybody In On The Fun

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Bringing themed items (ex: glow sticks for the glow party) for your whole cabin is a great way to bond and get everybody in on the fun!

Madison E.
Camp Staff Member 
Kickapoo Kamp for Girls 
5 years

Get Good Gear

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Purchase good quality items that will last year after year....flashlights, bedding, bins, floor mat, camp chair, etc.....we washed everything when they came home and almost everything came out looking like new again. Can't wait to pull it all out again and see it fresh for the new camp season!

Amy G.
Parent of a Camper
Birch Trail Camp
1 year