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Lists Prevent Over-Packing

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Preparing for camp can be chaotic at some points I had so much packed I might as well take my whole room. Limit yourself to the number of bags you bring. most of the time you wont use half the activities you bring and you might not be in the cabin much. clothing wise bring 1-2 extra outfits and maybe a pair of warmer clothes in case of cold weather. Myself I am definitely an over-packer but I like to make lists in advance of what I am going to bring and throughout the week eliminate things from my list I realize I won’t need. Lastly when it comes to things to do there are so many camp activities I only bring a book a pen or pencil markers notebook and my bracelet stuff with me because that stuff I know I will use, and if your camp allows it a camera is always fun!

Kate W.
YMCA Camp Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha
4 Years


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