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Embrace It

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Kamp Kickapoo counselor with her horse

I went to kamp for most of my childhood and am now a counselor at the camp I grew up at. It has been an incredible blessing to be able to see girls grow up summer to summer, and know that I can be there for them the same way my counselors were there for me when I was a camper. My biggest piece of advice is simple: embrace it. Embrace the late night dance parties, the mosquito bites, the star gazing, the camp food, the classes, the cabin jokes, the new friends - all of it. Every year at kamp brings new opportunities and excitement, so go into it ready to have the most fun ever doing anything and everything that comes your way. I met some of my most important and cherished friends at kamp (both as a camper and a counselor) and I can honestly say I would be lost without them. But I would never have found them if I hadn't embraced camp in all it's glory and been open to their new friendships when they came along. Camp can change your life forever in the best ways possible, so let it!

Sara Y.
Camp Staff Member
Kamp Kickapoo
10 years


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