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Setting Up Your Bunk

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Setting up your bunk:
I pack my trunk in reverse so it’s all right on top. I first always put a fitted sheet on your bed, then sleeping bag and pillows and loveys. This gives you some we’re to sit and unpack. Next I get my lights and lanterns and fans out as it gets dark and hot fast. Make it like home you will be there a while and keep it clean and organized. Find a good spot to put your laundry bag as it’s going to get used daily also an garbage can helps keep the area clean. My camp doesn’t have large cabins with cabinets or anything so I live out of my trunk. Once all my cabin stuff is talked out I put my shirts on one side of my trunk with bras or anything else and then my pants with all undergarments and socks. This allows me to get dressed early and fast. I’m a hoodie lover even in the summer and I can’t always choose what ones to wear so I sometimes pack 5 for a week so I hang them up using hooks.

Jessica M.
Camp Seven Hills
9 Years


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