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Pack in Reverse

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Packing in reverse. Imagine your trunk is split in half, put your clothing on the one half by starting to l, Put all your clothing for the days at the bottom. Than your pajamas near the top. I usually put shirts on one side pants on the other or if using badges outfits just put them all on the bottom. After I put my few pairs of pajamas on top of that personally for a week I bring 3 sets of pj. Depending on your trunk height I’m able to put my sheet, laundry blankets on top of my pajamas. Now in the other side I have my swimsuit and towels. On top of that I put my shower caddy, mine is mesh, and my dry hygiene bag next to it. On top of that I put my packing cubes with underwear and garments or small things. If room you can put sleeping bag and pillows on top. I personally put all my lights, games other little things in a duffel bag.

Jessica M. 
Camp Seven Hills
9 Years


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