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Need some help stayin’ dry?

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Hey, Rainy Day People!

As Spring weather approaches, it may inspire a good cleaning indoors; but really, there’s nothing CLEAN about this season at all. This time of year, the world is typically a wet, sloppy, muddy mess! Now that we’re beginning to venture further into 2015, we’ll soon be witnessing the slow retreat of this past winter unfold. BOY—is it going to be wet!

The old adage notes that it is APRIL showers that bring May flowers; but, really, it’s common enough for it to rain in February and March as well. Because FebruMade with lassic material, water droplets cannot pass thorugh the material's pores.ary has now begun, now is a smart time to get your raingear ready.

You’re in luck since Everything Summer Camp just added new raingear from Frogg Toggs!

Introducing the Youth Polly Wogg Rain Suits from Frogg Toggs. Those rainy days don’t have to be about dull days stuck indoors—not with this rain suit, anyway! Get out there and puddle it up in this rain suit made of lassic material from Frogg Toggs. Snug around the ankles, arms, and waist—and equipped with a full hood—the rain doesn’t stand a chance at getting you wet.

We’ve also recently added the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit from Frogg Toggs. Constructed from Frogg Toggs’ specially designed, lightweight, breathable, waterproof, nonwoven, recyclable material, the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit is just the thing to keep your adventurous camper dry in what can sometimes be a very wet world.

Despite lassic material’s excellent breathability, its pores are 20,000 times smaller than a droplet of water. That means it’s literally impossible for rain to get through. Easy to pack, these suits compress down to the size of a storage pocket!

Stay dry this season with the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit or the Youth Polly Wogg and protect yourself against our wet planet! As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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