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Gear Up Deluxe Fan/Light Combo

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It’s hot. It’s humid. You wish you were asleep but you’re lying awake, tossing and turning. A mosquito keeps landing on your neck and one of your bunkmates won’t stop snoring. You’ve GOT to get some rest for your swim test in the morning! It’s only four hours till sunrise…now three…

Save your camper from a sleepless night like this with the Deluxe/Fan Light Combo! The white noise will cancel out that incessant snoring. The moving air will surely blow away any pesky flies. And the breeze will keep you cool, comfortable, and catching Zzz’s on a hot, midsummer night.

When we’re too hot, it takes longer to fall asleep and stay asleep. Fans work by moving air around which evaporates sweat and in turn, makes you feel cooler. For your bunk area, tent, or wherever your adventures take you, the Fan/Light brings visibility and air circulation to your vicinity! It comes with a handy hanging hook too so you can choose to set it on any flat surface or hang it from above. It also offers 360° rotation so you can adjust for just the right angle!

Trying to read or write a letter home? Maybe you’re trying to play cards with a couple friends before lights out. Forget fumbling around or using your chin to prop up your handheld flashlight. Enjoy your leisure time with hands-free lighting and a cool breeze.

Back in 2006, we didn’t realize what a hot item the Deluxe Fan/Light would become. In fact, we only offered it as an alternative to our original, kid-friendly fan. We were surprised at how popular it was and how quickly it replaced the handheld fan as our number one seller.

We’ve since sold over 10,000 Deluxe Fan/Lights! Needless to say, demand for this product has certainly lasted throughout the years. Ironically we’ve long-forgotten about the kiddy fan from long ago while the Fan/Light has become our longest-running product (after our trunks, of course).




From aiding your memory to boosting your confidence, a good night’s sleep does so much for us and greatly affects our demeanor throughout the following day. A night of sleep can literally make or break the day to come. Get a good night of sleep with the Deluxe Fan/Light and make sure you’re feeling your best each day of your camp stay!

The Deluxe Fan/Light Combo offers one switch for the fan and another switch for the light. It also collapses for easy portability. With weather-resistant construction, this durable casing ensures protection against water or sun damages in the outdoors. You’ll love your Fan/Light so much you’ll write your letters home about it!




  • Material: Durable Plastic Casing with Weather-Resistant Construction
  • Combination 2-Speed Fan and LED Light
  • Features 18 LED Bulbs and a 4" Diameter Fan
  • Features Convenient Folding Handle with Hanging Hook
  • Brightness: 50 lumens
  • Beam Distance: 19.5’
  • 360° Rotation from Exact Angle Adjustment
  • Uses 2 D-Cell Batteries (Available Here)
  • LED Light Only: Approximately 38 Hours
  • Fan Only: About 56 Hours on Low; About 28 Hour on High
  • Fan & Light: About 22 Hours on Low; About 16 Hours on High


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