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Silent But Deadly Card Game

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Okay, we're all adults here. Oh, wait—this game is for kids?! Well, alright. Anyway, get your giggles out now, so you can focus on this farty game when it comes time to play. Pay attention—there's lots to cover. After all, farts come in all different shapes and odors. And they make a broad range of noises on their way out. Some whimper out little squeaks as they make their stealthy escape while others come barging out like notes on a tuba. Of course, as the title of this game notes, there are those that make no sound at all, and it's those that are often the deadliest! Sit down with your flatulent friends for a game of Silent But Deadly. It's a toot and a holler!


  • 2 or More Player Card Game
  • Ages 10 and Up